On Aggressive Poker Playing

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Poker is serious business for a lot of people. It's a game that requires more than just concentration but strategy and skill as well. These strategies and techniques can not be learned in one night. More often than not, seasoned poker players achieved their poker strategies through consistent and continual practice that necessitated self-discipline and a lot of critical thinking.

One playing style that is commonly utilized by season poker players is tight-aggressive poker. This type of skill is characterized by low flop percentages and aggressive betting.

How to play tight poker:

Tight players fold when their common sense poker strategies tell them that they should. More often than not, these types of players wait to see the flop if their starting hands are good or strong. If otherwise, you should know better than fold before the flop. For example, if your starting hand is composed of 4h and a 3c, tight poker players do not wait for the flop but instead will immediately fold the card and patiently wait for the next deal. A lot of times, also, tight poker players fold when their initial hands spell disaster.

Tight playing can be done even before pre-flop. For instance, after the flop, you as the tight player realize that your chances of winning have seriously deteriorated, then you should fold. Simply put, tight poker players play hands, if and only if, the hands are good, if not, he or she folds.

Aggressive poker play on the other hand means that the player bets aggressively when he or she finally decides to play. This type of players is characterized by frequent betting, raising and re-raising. These aggressive players do not like checking, limping in or calling down other players. Aggressive poker players lead the betting, as often as he can.

Based on the given descriptions, it can be concluded that a tight-aggressive poker players only plays when he or she has a good hand, but is carefully selected about the hand that he plays. He does not play every hand that he has, he plays it aggressively to win the pot.

And then the question, why do you need to play aggressive poker? One reason is that a tight play would mean that you are maximizing your chips. No chips will be wasted on bad hands and there will be few peneries for playing speculative hands. Tight poker players have only one guide to follow: you only play when you have good hands, if you do not, fold.

Aggressive playing also protects your good hands. Speculation from your opponents can be raised with frequent betting and re-raising. If you raise and re-raise, your opponents are more likely to drop out of the betting especially if they love their chips very well. As more players drop out of the betting, the bigger your chances are of winning.

It is always best to stay on the safe side and call only when you have a nice hand. If you do not it's always best to fold.


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