Pick 3 Lotto – More Options With Better Odds

Pick 3 Lotto – More Options With Better Odds

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When you think of the pick 3 lotto, you think of a combination of three numbers in order. This is called a straight combination and has odds of 1 in 1000 and pays out at 500 to 1, but what about other wagering options with better odds for the player? Of course the better odds come at a price. Increased odds of winning means a lower payout. Let's take a look at the other pick 3 lotto betting options available to the player.

First there is a box bet. A box bet means that you must have all 3 numbers drawn but unlike the straight bet, the numbers can be drawn in any order. This type of bet has odds of 1 in 166 and pays out at 80 to 1 when the drawing contains no repeat numbers, and odds of 1 in 333 and a payout of 160 to 1 when the drawing contains a repeat number. Not bad, but we can still find even better odds. Let's take a look at pair betting and see what happens to our odds.

Pair betting is betting on the first two numbers of a drawing, referred to as the front pair, or the last two numbers referred to as the back pair. This is one of my favorite ways to play. Now instead of picking 3 numbers we must pick just 2. The pairs bet has odds of 1 in 100 and pays out at 50 to 1. Pair betting also seems to work well for those that are using number selections methods which involve repeat numbers. Although pair betting is not offered in all states, it is commonly found as a betting options in most states three number lottery game.

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