Poker Forums – Best Way to Learn?

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TV poker is terrible. Take it at face value. Do not read anything into the game of poker but simply watch it for the big pots and banter. Edited hands to satisfy the viewer and big pots to get people on the edge of the seat are not what poker is about. Most of the time poker is a slow and sometimes tedious game that involves small pots and lots of them. To get into the nitty gritty of poker strategy and how to win most of these small pots, we have to turn to the poker forums.

There are so many different types of poker forums out there all working as a gigantic think tank where people are constantly discussing and evolving strategies to keep up with the current paradigm of play. Taking advice from the average poker forum member is probably not going to do you much good, but on some sites such as you can find yourself talking to someone who is learning thousands of dollars a day playing online poker. If you're willing to take criticism and work to fill leaks in your game then poker forums are going to do you a lot of good.

Is not this old news?

Poker forums have been around for years now but people rarely use them to their full potential. There are huge egos that dominate the poker world and can be seriously counterproductive to an individuals learning. The advice in this article is to go and sign up to one of the top "poker forums" on such as and Poker strategy is continuously evolving and books and TV can not keep up with this. Learn directly from the pros.

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