Quick and Easy Ways to Invigorate Your Sex Life!

Quick and Easy Ways to Invigorate Your Sex Life!

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Boredom in the bedroom is a very common lovemaking complaint and can cause many problems in a relationship. To combat this, I would like to offer you some easy to implement lovemaking and sex tips that you can begin trying straight away to spice up your love life! Talk about these tips with your partner and have fun introducing them into your lovemaking!

1) One of the very best methods in helping drive your partner completely wild and increase the intensity of their orgasms is simply to try the stop - start procedure. This simply involves bringing your partner nearly to climax and then stopping stimulation right before the point of no return. This will drive them nuts (but in a good way) and when you finally let them go all the way they will thank you in ways you never imagined!

2) A massive turn on, even for those who have been together for quite a while is the thought or actual reality of having sex in public. This does not mean a gratuitous display in front of a crowd of people but more importantly, a bit of action in just enough public for it to be a major turn on. Public sex orgasms are very intense due to the additional excitement and adrenalin running through each others bodies!

3) Start talking dirty! Just about every man loves dirty talk especially if the girl is the one doing the talking! It can be beforehand to bring anticipation to sex or it can be during sex to make it more exciting. The key here is making sure the woman is comfortable with it and she knows you are just thinking of her in the fantasy world. This will let her abandon all inhibitions and concentrate on turning you on. Why is this part important? Because some women can feel degraded by dirty talk. Let her know the dirty talk is for the bedroom only and it stays in the bedroom!

4) A very easy way to spice up your sex life is simply to change the location! If you always make love in the bedroom then try other parts of the house. The kitchen table, the bathroom or even out on a blanket in your private backyard! To take it a step further, many women find other locations such as balconies, change rooms, elevators and the beach, very erotic and arousing locations to make love.

5) This one is certainly only for those who are very comfortable and trusting in their relationship - couples strip poker! Basically, you can do this in two ways, the porn version where everybody ends up humping each other J or the anticipation and excitement building way. This is where all couples are free to look and admire each other over the course of the game however there is no touching. This pent up frustration and arousal then gets put to good use on each other when all the guests have left!

6) We men will never say no to a hand job or blow job. We love them! However if you want to make them even better for him then do not forget the balls. To really drive your man crazy, start off with a slow, massaging action of his boys while you stimulate the penis. Similar to most sexual actions start off slow and then as his climax comes closer, increase the speed and the strength of your grip to send him over the edge!

7) I will finish with a secret tip you would be surprised to know that not that many men know about! A great guide to how well you are doing in pleasuring your lady is to keep an eye on her nipples. When she is really enjoying what you are doing, it is not uncommon for her nipples to swell to nearly twice their original size! Same thing goes however for when she is not that into what you are doing but in reverse. They will shrink down quickly so make sure you keep a good eye on this great sexual pleasure barometer!

So there you have it! Some easy to put into practice tips and tricks to help keep your love life varied, spontaneous and fun!


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