Quick Quads Video Poker Pays 4 of a Kind When You Have 3, Sometimes

Quick Quads Video Poker Pays 4 of a Kind When You Have 3, Sometimes

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If you're a video poker fan with a yen for the Jacks or Better games you know that hitting four of a kind is the next best thing to a Straight Flush and Royal Flush, but otherwise happens very often. It's especially frustrating when you're dealt three of a kind on the initial deal and there are 47 remaining cards with only 2 chances of drawing that 1 matching fourth card.

Quick Quads Video Poker

Enter Quick Quads (QQ) video poker. This game gives you the opportunity to earn a 4 of a kind payout when your hand contains only 3 of a kind. Here is how it works:

After selecting your game of choice on a machine designed for Quick Quads, you must first play six credits per game instead of the usual five to be eligible for the QQ bonus feature. Currently the video poker games offered are Jacks or Better, JOB Bonus, Double Bonus, Double Double Bonus, and Triple Bonus in single play, 3 play, 5 and 10 play. There are two ways to receive a QQ bonus payout:

Initial deal - If you are dealt three of a kind from rank 2 through 10 and the remaining two cards add up to that particular rank, you will be paid the four of a kind payout for that rank. Example: you are dealt 8,8,8,5,3. In that 5 + 3 = 8, you will be paid for quad eights.

After draw - If you're dealt 3 of a kind and you discard two non-matching cards and your draw cards add up to that rank. Example: 4,4,4, K, J. Discard the K, J. If a 3, A or 2.2 are drawn, you have four fours. (Aces count as one).

Suppose you're dealt a full house such as a 7, 7, 7, K and K. Then it becomes time to make a decision. Do you hold the full house and collect 45 credits, or discard the kings hoping for one of four possible combinations drawing a large quad win of 260 credits: a 7, or 6 & A; a 5 & 2, or 4 & 3. If not, you'll be paid 15 credits for the three of a kind. Some Quick Quads games pay more for certain quad combinations than regular bonus games. Here is one example of the Double Double Bonus (DDB) payouts on a 6 coin max bet Quick Quads game.

Royal Flush - 4000

Straight Flush - 250

4 Aces with 2-4 - 2000

Four Aces - 1000

Four 2-4 with A, 2,3,4 - 1000

Four 2-4 - 400

Four 5 through K-260

Full House - 45

Flush - 30

Straight - 20

Three of a Kind - 15

Two Pair - 5

Jacks or Better - 5

Payouts will vary on winning hands between jurisdictions and casinos. Always check the pay tables for the best value. Good Luck!


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