Share the True Meaning of Christmas With a Company Christmas Party

Share the True Meaning of Christmas With a Company Christmas Party

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Christmas is really the most wonderful time of the year. It is a season of giving and good will and people should always remember that. Due to the current economic situation in Ireland, a lot of employers are already thinking about doing without such a party. It is an added expense.

Despite that fact, there are other reasons why they should actually still have a company Christmas party. These are some of those reasons.

Company Benefits

A company Christmas party provides an opportunity for employers to truly thank their employees for a job well done as Christmas is close to the end of the year. Doing just that already provides a lot of long-term benefits for the company.

Being part of a Christmas party and mingling with everyone including the bosses gives employees the feeling that they belong to that particular group. It is a chance for employees to have fun with their colleagues. Other corporate events are held for the same reason.

That gives the company loyal, hardworking, and motivated employees. That results in higher productivity. That also gives the Human Resources department a break from hiring and training new employees as well. It is a win-win for employers and employees.

The True Meaning

The true meaning of Christmas is love. Christians know that the season is a remembrance of that time when God gave his only son. However, one does not really have to be a Christian to celebrate Christmas. So, one's religious beliefs should not really matter. It continues to be a season for giving and goodwill and anyone can relate to that. In fact, even non-Christians celebrate this season. It became a tradition to do so.

Celebrating a company Christmas bash is a way to give something back to employees. That is part of the true meaning of Christmas. By showing that they appreciate their employees, employers are already doing something out of love. People give gifts during this season for the same reason.

One does not really have to be a Christian to understand the concept of love and acts of love. Ultimately, that is the true meaning of Christmas. That is why even those that have other beliefs still celebrate the occasion in their own way.

Planning Problems

The one tasked with organizing the party may find it difficult to please everyone. People do have different beliefs. Moreover, different people have different lifestyle choices. Recovering alcoholics will not want to be close to the punch table, vegans will not eat anything that does not comply with their strict diet, Jews would prefer to celebrate Hanukkah rather than Christmas, and Muslims will not eat pork. Having that mix of people in the workplace can make organizing an office Christmas bash a horrible experience.

So, call it an end of the year party instead since Christmas is usually a week away from the New Year. It is impossible to please everyone, but do take their preferences into consideration as one plans for an office Christmas party. What matters is that everyone can get together and have a good time during this particular season.


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