Spice Up The Game Of Bowling With Different Variations

Spice Up The Game Of Bowling With Different Variations

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If you are a person who jumps on every opportunity to enjoy bowling, you are sure to be one who played the game on numerous occasions. Chances are you are also bored playing it, due to the loss of challenge from the game. Even though bowling is interesting, continuously playing it can be boring and cause loss of interest. Variety is what everyone craves for. Listed herewith are some variations which can be of interest for you.

Hard Luck

Provided here is the template which is different from the normal techniques of bowling. This can make the game more interesting.

  • Changing hands from the one you normally use can increase the challenge.
  • Bowl backwards with your back facing the alley.
  • Hop and bowl, instead of the normal sprint and bowl method.
  • Sitting cross legged or squatting while you bowl can be interesting.
  • Create human alleys with team members standing with their legs spread apart and try bowling through the legs.

Pre-arranged Movements

Pre-determine achievements for the teams playing. Example:

  • A team needs to hit two, five or eight pins only.
  • A team needs to hit the foremost pin only.
  • A team needs to clear the split.
  • A team needs to knock only even or odd number of bowling pins. A team needs to strike at least on one occasion.
  • A team needs to have minimum one gutter.

Tasks need to be struck from the list once achieved. The quickest team to achieve their tasks, wins. The order of the tasks may or may not be present.

Slow Motion

Playing simultaneously in different alleys and bowling in slow motion is also an option. The ball which reaches last and strikes is the winner.

Bowling Or Poker? Or Is It Both?

Poker bowling is a very interesting option for people needing change. This method is quite simple. For each split or strike, a card from the top deck is pulled. The cards are accumulated till the tenth frame. After the end of this phase, the players need to use the collected cards for making the best game of poker possible. The score is calculated adding the points from the bowling score and the best game of poker. The team or an individual with the maximum scores wins the game.

Toning down some of the above mentioned variables can be useful for making them playable for children. So what are you waiting for, go out and enjoy today.


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