Tea Party Games and Activities

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A tea party is a time honored tradition for ladies all over the world. There are many different events that can be based around a tea party. You can have a mother daughter party, a child's party, lady's luncheon, book club discussion or baby shower surrounding a tea parties.

Of course, there should be finger sandwiches, pastries and the star, the tea. But there should also be a few party games and activities to give a bit of structure to the party and to allow your guests some entertainment. But how do you come up with proper tea party games?

First, you need a theme for your party. This will determine the formality and age appropriate type games and activities that can be allowed. Once you have this finalized you can determine the types of games you want to play. All you need is a little imagination but if you need some ideas the following list of party games will get you started:

Kids love to play dress up and act like grown ups. There is nothing better than a child's party to indulge this. Have a child's party or mother daughter party and consider a small craft project for the children to create fun decorations. You can get some construction paper, scissors, crayons, glue and glitter and have everyone create place mats that can be used during the party.

A great starter party game and ice breaker is a game called "Find the Object". The hostess of the tea party shows a particular object and tells a story about it. Perhaps it is a collectible tea cup or knick knack that was passed down through the generations. The hostess then places the object in the room where the tea party will be held. All the guests go into the room and try to spot the object. Once they find it, they can sit down. The last person who sits down "loses" the game.

A tea party is a great way to have a book club. This is ideal for both children and adults. Each person in the group takes turns hosting a monthly party and the hostess chooses the book to be read. All the ladies should read the book prior to the tea party and then it can be discussed during the party. This is a great way to incorporate literature with a bit of fun and camaraderie with your lady friends.

One of the best tea party games to get to know one another better is a game called "Two Plus One". Each person goes around the table and tells three things about themselves. Two of the items they say have to be true and one has to be a lie. For example, someone may say their age, where they were born and their favorite color. The guests then try to guess which tales are true and which are not. This game is a great ice breaker and can be as sedate or as naughty as you dare!


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