Techniques To Get Winning Numbers On The Lotto

Techniques To Get Winning Numbers On The Lotto

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Before you go looking for that technique to get winning numbers on the lotto, here is a simple piece of advice: Always buy your own tickets. This may sound like a no-brainer but hundreds of people ask a friend or neighbor to purchase the ticket for them as they are too busy purchase it themselves. Friendships often dissolve when money comes into the picture and should your neighbor buy you a winning ticket, (especially with their own money) he or she may feel entitled to a large slice of the pie. Therefore, you should buy your own tickets to avoid any messy confrontations or legal hassles.

Be A Lone Ranger

One technique to get winning numbers on the lotto involves not following the crowd. This means you should not bother with popular sequences like having all your numbers as a multiple of five or seven for example. First of all, there are hundreds of people across the country who will use this method so if you were to win, your prize would be significantly diminished. Secondly, the mere fact that everyone picks these combinations means that they will never come up. The lottery draw is designed to appear random when it is actually nothing of the sort. If it was truly random, the aforementioned sequences would have come up several times and they have not. The fact is, the draw appears to be random but looking through past numbers will show that it is anything but.

The Simplicity Of Research

If the lottery was totally random, how come certain numbers in selected state lotteries go 80 or more draws without being picked? Statistically speaking, any number in a 6/49 lottery will be chosen every eight or nine draws. Yet there are cases when number A is drawn 15 times from 60 while number B shows zero times. A simple technique to get winning numbers on the lotto is there before staring you in the face. Look through past draws and pick numbers that have appeared frequently while avoiding those that seldom manifest themselves.

Staying away from the crowd is guaranteed to increase your chances of winning the lottery. After all, if their decisions were correct, the lottery would have dozens if not hundreds of winners ever week. Do your research and be the person holding that check while everyone else looks on enviously.

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