Texas Holdem Poker Tips – Are Bad Beats Really Bad?

Texas Holdem Poker Tips – Are Bad Beats Really Bad?

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You have a lot about bad beats in texas holdem poker play. What exactly is a bad beat? Well, in short, it's having the dominant hand only to lose on the turn or river when a card hits that gives your opponents the winning hand.

Bad beats drive texas holdem poker players crazy. Which is why what I'm about to say may surprise you. Bad beats are a good thing. Now how can that possibly be?

Most texas holdem players think poker is about winning. It is not. I know, that sounds as strange as wanting bad beats so let me explain. Playing texas holdem is about making the right decisions at the table and putting yourself in the position to win.

While there is a lot more skill in playing poker than non-poker players think, there is still an element that we'll call luck for lack of a better name.

Luck, also known as the bad beat, occurs when a player with a dominant hand does everything right only to see his opponent hit the only card that can win him the hand on the river.

For example, you're down to the showdown with another player at the table. You've played your pocket aces perfectly to develop a big pot. We're down to the river card, there's only one ten in the deck and that's the only card that can beat you.

And guess what? The ten hits on the river. You did everything right, made all the right decisions, and still lost the hand.

That's a bad beat. But guess what? If you continuously make the right decisions, you're going to have a winning texas holdem poker player over the long haul. And that also means that you'll experience bad beats more often than other players.

The best poker players see the most bad beats because they make the right decisions. You can not have a bad beat go against you without you made all the right decisions in the hand to make the bad beat possible.

So if you're seeing a lot of bad beats, consider it a good sign. It means you're making the right decisions at the poker table and in the long run, those decisions will pay off in an increased bankroll.

So do not let those bad beats get you down. See them for what they are. A stepping stone on the way to becoming a better texas holdem poker player .


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