The Athens of the South – The Parthenon in Nashville

The Athens of the South – The Parthenon in Nashville

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The Parthenon is the focal point and the main attraction of Centennial Park which is the foremost public park in Nashville. This remarkable creation is a reproduction of the original Parthenon found in Athens. The original Athenian Parthenon dates back to 438 BC while the Parthenon in Nashville was built in 1897.

The Parthenon in Nashville was initially just a structure made as an impermanent attraction designed for a fair that took place in 1897. Many other temporary structures were also made based on the original designs of prehistoric buildings. However, the people of Nashville received The Parthenon so well that they wanted an actual replica constructed in the park. Initially put together by wood, brick and plaster the Parthenon was then reconstructed on the same grounds with concrete during the 1920s.

Today, The Parthenon in Nashville functions as an intriguing art museum. The 42 feet high Athena statue made by Alan LeQuire is a major highlight here. The statue is also a re-production of the Athena Parthenos statue found in ancient Greece. The statue is a complete, intricate and fine work of art. The helmeted statue carries a shield on the left arm. On the right arm is a statue of Victory which is 6 feet high.

The reproduction of the original Parthenon in Athens has been done very well to match most of its original features and styles and thereby is considered as the highest point of classical architecture. For instance, the plaster replicas found in the east room of the main hall are made out of the original casts that date back to 438 BC.

The art gallery at the Parthenon in Nashville displays a collection of 63 paintings which were created by American artists from the 19th and 20th centuries. Other galleries housed here, provide space for special events, shows and exhibitions.

Although a replica built way after the original Parthenon in Athens, this magnificent structure in Nashville is a must see place.


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