The Making of Citizen Watches

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Focused mainly in Tokyo, Japan, the Citizen Holdings Co., LTD was founded in 1918. The company currently makes CINCOM precision tools. Citizen, their trade name, originated from a pocket watch from 1924. Citizen watches are some of the most popular and most produced timepieces in the world.

Eco-Drive devices, which are manufactured by Citizen, are the most well-known watch in the US. Each timepiece has a solar panel powered battery that fits snugly under the face of the watch. Even though the line has the special solar powered battery system, the Eco-Drive Duo series was discontinued and has since been quite rare. Also with the Eco-Drive concept is the Eco-Drive Thermo. This device uses the temperature of the wearer and the temperature of the climate to charge the battery.

On the official Citizen Watch website, the most present Eco-Drive technology is described as solely dependent on light to power its battery. Their Tough Solar technology greatly resembles the Eco-Drive features. Each and every Eco-Drive timepiece is first made in Japan then put together in China.

Another popular collection by Citizen is the Skyhawk AT collection. These devices include Atomic Timekeeping. Atomic Timekeeping uses radio-controlled accuracy signals. Atomic clocks all over the world can synchronize with these. Europe, North America and Japan are main synchronization spots. The technology in the watches allows for them to adjust automatically to the correct frequency depending on the location of the home time zone.

The two time zones that the Skyhawk AT devices can adjust to are world and home. However, they mostly synchronize to the home zone. While traveling, the wearer is able to easily change time zones whenever needed. The correct time signals are then received on several different continents while still being able to maintain other times. Daylight Savings Time settings, the day and the date are all automatically adjusted when the watch synchronizes. The atomic clock in Casino Wave Ceptor watches has similar synchronization.

The Citizen Holdings Company also produces collector timepieces. The colors and logo of the Blue Angels are part of this collector series. Eco-Drive technology is installed into such a watch and the timepiece is part of the Skyhawk AT line. Atomic Timekeeping abilities are also included. The bezel of the watch possess a slide rule which is used for speed, distance and time calculations. Gold and blue are the colors of the Blue Angels. Their trademark is clearly displayed.

The Deployment Clasp with a Push Button (DCP) is popular along with many of the Citizen wrist-bands. The clasp is able to be used along with leather bands, like with the Caliber 8700. Once fastened, the band is almost no different than normal eye-hold and link pin leather watchband.


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