The Secret Behind Playing MSC's And SPP Combos In Texas Hold Em Poker

The Secret Behind Playing MSC's And SPP Combos In Texas Hold Em Poker

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Some people get frustrated because they do not know how to properly play combos like MSC's and SPP's. This Texas Hold Em Poker article is going to reveal how now.

It's vitally important in your Texas Hold Em Poker game to have some flexibility available in terms of both the cards you play and the bets you raise. If you always play exactly the same way you will soon become a transparent poker player and every one will simply abuse you to no end.

Playing middle fitted connectors and small pairs are a great way to vary up your game. You can make nice profits from these hands if you play them correctly.

How To Play Middle Swithed Connectors

Playing middle fitted connectors takes a bit of finesse but can be done simply simply.

1 - Play pre-flop for as cheap as possible. Do not pay massive amounts to see the flop.
2 - Check the flop to see if you have hit at least 2 of the 3 cards - preferably all three.
3 - If you have hit all of them play nice and steady right through to the river for a clean win.
4 - If you only hit 2 of the 3, and are on a draw, I find it's often to bet out. Yes bet out.
5 - Hopefully your opponent's calls or folds. If he re-raises, you fold.

Betting out when at a draw on the flop will often win you more pots because sometimes you opponents will just fold. Plus if you hit your card and make your straight / flush you will win more money.

How To Play Small Pocket Pairs

Playing small pocket pairs is pretty simple. It's a stop and go situation where each step can only proceed on a variety of factors.

1 - Only play at the pot pre-flop if there is no contest. Do not raise huge or call a huge raise.
2 - Watch the flop and see if you have hit the third card of your pair to make a set.
3 - If you make a set play generally 'normal' for however you have playing. Ie do not suddenly raise out massively or all-in.
4 - If you do not hit the flop, fold. Stick to this rule.
5 - Play through to the river generally 'normal' and as long as there are no straight / flush options and the board does not pair you are good to go.
6 - Milk as much as you can from the sucker.

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