Tight Aggressive Texas Hold Em Poker – How Tight Is Too Tight?

Tight Aggressive Texas Hold Em Poker – How Tight Is Too Tight?

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Ever wonder if you are playing tight aggressive Texas Hold Em Poker wrong by playing too tight? This could severely impact your profits.

There is no doubt that for most players playing Hold Em poker playing a TAG strategy, or tight aggressive, is definitely the way to go. It's easy to learn, quick and easy to implement and provides a reliably safe and straightforward way to make money playing poker.

Tight Aggressive Texas Hold Em Poker - The Balancing Act

When you play tight aggressive Texas Hold Em Poker you are in effect playing a very poor balancing game. Firstly, you want to remain very tight and only play solid whole cards to increase your chances of winning. However, you also want to be able to play enough cards, or hands, in order to make a fair enough profit for your time.

You can run into strife when you play far too loose. This is very easy to notice though because you will begin to lose a lot. The issue of playing to tight is more sinister and that's why this article is going to tackle it now.

So How Tight Is Too Tight For An Effective Texas Hold Em Poker Game

The main thing to consider here is the rate at which you would like to make money. That's because the tighter you play the less money you will be making per hour overall. Although playing tighter is safer it will reduce the amount of hands you can play which will reduce your expected return.

There is another point too, and that is that getting extremely tight does not necessarily provide you that much safety over just being normally tight. Then, when you take into account you will be making far less or even going sideways this increased safety net is not worth it. Bottom line, getting too tight is not worth it.

Probably the most important thing you can take away from this article is that you will need to investigate, research and learn how tight you personally prefer and which benefits you want ie safety or profit. I urge you to continue your education and take action to learn what you need to right now.


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