Tips On How To Make It Appear Your First Time In A Casio's Poker Room

Tips On How To Make It Appear Your First Time In A Casio's Poker Room

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There are many reasons to want people to think you are an inexperienced poker player and here are some ways you can make them think that.

When entering the poker room you will be escorted to a poker table as soon as you are in the room make sure to look around like you have never been there before. Make sure to practice you look of awe. When you get closer to the table the other players will be looking to check you out, and if you make it seem like this is your first time they will think you lack experience and will let their guard down around you.

During the game make a face when you have a bad hand, but do it just for a minute then make sure to look around the table nervously to see if anyone noticed, but do not make eye contact with them make it seem like you didnt notice them. If someone did notice they will think you have a bad poker face and must be a beginner. If more then one person saw you then fold the hand. Someone who has been playing poker for any length of time would never make a mistake like that.

The first time you have a good hand raise the pot and keep raising it till it becomes obvious that you have a good hand. If you do this once or twice people will think you are an idiot and fold, but after that they will easily fall for a simple bluff from you. When you have a bad hand you could keep raising and chances are they will fold, but you must have good hands on the first two times you try this. If your hand is not that good someone may try to challenge you. I do not recommend trying this without you have a full house or better.

Make sure that after you first sit down you are playing poorly. Bet when you have nothing and stay in every hand even if all you have is a wild card. I would assume that a fish like that was just really stupid and I would look forward to taking home some of their money, and this just sets them up for you to take their cash to your bank.

Other gamblers will learn a lot from you by the clothes you are wearing. If you come into the casinos poker room and sit at a texas holdem table wearing a shirt with sponsor names, sunglasses and a hat dropped down to cover your eyes and forehead, but you are sitting at a 10 dollar poker table and playing badly they will think you an idiot and pay o attention to you.

The object is to make people think you are inexperienced, but if you do too much or over do it, it becomes a real tell, and all the other players at the table will now that you are bluffing. If this should happen you would be well advised to just walk away. You should be able to tell if they are falling for it by how they bet if you are trying to get them t bet big but they are being overly cautious time after time, and you notice dirty looks then the gig is up and you should go .

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