Want to Learn Poker? You Have to Know Poker Hands

Want to Learn Poker? You Have to Know Poker Hands

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If you want to learn poker and you're brand new to
the game, one of the first things you have to learn is
the different poker hands and how they are valued. If
you want to learn poker and you do not know if a full
house beats three of a kind, how are you going to play
poker, let alone win? So come on, let's learn poker!

1) The best possible hand you can get in texas holdem (probably
the world's most recognized, if not most popular, form of
poker today) is a royal flush. In all my poker playing and
watching, I do not think I've seen anyone ever get a royal
flush. Remember that while you learn poker . If you're off
playing texas holdem do not chase a royal flush, you're most
likely throwing away chips!

So what's a Royal Flush? A royal flush is holding five cards
of the same suit, the 10 through ace.

2) The next highest hand in holdem is the straight flush. It's
the same as the royal flush but is not Ace high. That's the
only difference. A straight flush can be 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 of
the same suit, or it can be 7, 8, 9, 10, J of the same suit
or anything else that is not ace high.

As you learn poker , you really need to make these hands second
nature. If you have to think about what hand beats what while
you're playing poker, it will take your concentration away from
the important stuff, like your poker strategy!

3) The third highest hand in texas holdem poker is four of a kind,
also known as quads, such as 7c-7d-7h-7s. If two people have
quads the higher cards win. Of course, this makes quad aces
the highest four of a kind you can get in poker.

4) The next highest hand in poker is the full house (full boat or boat).
In poker, this is simply three of a kind and two of a kind together.
For example you hold 7c-7h-7d and 5c-5s, aka sevens full of fives.

5) After the full house you have the flush. A flush is any five cards
of the same suit. When a flush meets a flush, the higher flus wins.
For example, 5c-8c-9c-Jc-Qc beats 3s-5s-8s-9s-Js because the first
flush is queen high while the second is only jack high and the queen
beats the jack.

6) A straight is the next highest hand in poker. A straight is simply
five cards in order, but not of the same suit, such as 5c-6c-7s-8h-9d.
An ace high straight is the most valuable straight.

7) Three of a kind (trips or a set) follows. This is simply three of
the same card number, such as 7c-7d-7h or Js-Jd-Jh.

8) In poker the next best hand is two pair, such as Jd-Jh and 5c-5h.

9) One pair is next. This is simply two of the same card number, such
as Kd-Kh.

10) Finally, as you learn poker, know that high card is the worst hand
you can have. This is nothing more than no hand at all. An example is
2c-5h-7h-10c-Jh. This hand is nothing more than jack high. The only
hand it can beat is another high card hand that has a lower top card
than the jack.

As you learn poker , it's important that you make these hands second
nature so you do not have to think about them as you play. Keep in
mind that most big poker pots are won by one pair, two pair or three
of a kind. You rarely see the top hands in poker, although they do
happen from time to time. The rankings in texas holdem poker are
no different than the rankings you have in your home poker game around
the kitchen table with beer and chips.

Source by Freddie Johnson


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