What Are The Latest Games GPS Offers?

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The games GPS gadgets offer may seem primitive at first glance. While cell phones and computer games have embroidered new technology and offered thousands of options, what can you really do with GPS systems? There are some of the run-of-the-mill offerings like Poker or Sudoku, but the idea behind GPS games is to get families into the great outdoors, racing against other families in a thrilling competition. They call this "geocaching" or sometimes "geodashing," which has become one of the uses for GPS navigation systems that is a lot of fun.

At Gpsgames, you can find some of the funniest games GPS has to put forward. For instance, "Shutter Spot" is a game where players take pictures and other players are challenged to find that exact location where the photographer was standing to take the shot. "GeoPoker" takes the usual assembly of a card hand and adds a twist: players must first find and move a container holding a GeoPoker log in to earn their virtual playing cards! "GeoGolf" has you moving from waypoint to waypoint to get your score. Then there is "Minute War," which is like Capture the Flag, and other exciting, interactive navigator maps games like "Geodashing" and "Geocaching."

If you have ever watched "The Amazing Race," then you've got the concept of the increasingly popular Geocaching games GPS has to play. Teams or individuals will receive sets of coordinates and will race from waypoint to waypoint, performing different tasks at each location and competitiveness for prizes. In their ventures, seekers often find hidden containers with inexpensive toys, keepsakes or items and log books; they then replace the item with something new and record their name in the log. To find hosting in your area, check out Geocaching to see if one of the 673,265 geocaches can be found near you.

Social networking has also reached the world of GPS devices. In addition to participating in some of the games GPS has to play, like "geocaching" and "geodashing," you can also share your experiences of particular locations with others. At Mscape, you can access games, music, images, text, videos, animations, narratives and games that are embedded in your location! You can then create your own mediascape or modify an existing one as well! To access these amazing interactive navigator maps, you'll just visit the site, download the free software, connect your GPS to your PC, copy the player and starter mediascape onto your navigation device, start the player and head outside to play!


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