The Death of Dial Up

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The world nowdays runs at a pace seemingly faster than the speed of light. Society is constantly a go, with people bustling and hustling getting a thousand and one things at once. Speed ​​is an obsession. With technology helping us, we can get more things done sooner than ever before.

As most city dwellers know, getting in contact with an old pal in Kathmandu or even just around the block is a simple matter of sending out an email or picking up the trusty old VoIP phone. The same goes for booking airline tickets, trying to find out fun and weird facts about famous people and ordering bagels from Montreal. Everything can be done with a simple and quick click of the mouse.

This fact of city life is not so true for many of America's country housing folk. People who live in more rural areas, or even at the outskirts of major urban centers are often cut off from the very technology that makes many multinational corporations, government agencies and even learning centers function.

The unfortunate truth is that DSL and cable internet, aka high speed internet is out of reach for many Americans. Too many, in fact. Instead of surfing the net like everyone else in the country, rural living citizens have only been able to access the internet via a dial up connection. Many of us forget the fact that wireless and high speed internet are not readily available everywhere. This has meant extremely long download and load times for media heavy sites, and actually, many websites do not even function properly using a dial up connection. Forget about MMORPG games and video conferences. Online lessons can also be duly forgotten.

All is not so dark and hopeless though. There's a little something called satellite internet which has done what DSL and cable companies have not, indeed, it has brought high speed internet to the countryside. In fact, satellite broadband is available anywhere in the world with a view of the southern sky in the Northern hemisphere, and vice versa in the southern hemisphere.

With satellite internet, all you need to get into gear is a satellite dish to receive and send signals. You will also need a special satellite internet modem, which comes with the package. Your computer should be enabled for high speed internet, if it is not, you can easily buy an adapter.

Satellite broadband allows people living in more rural areas to get with the program. They can download and stream media quickly; the speeds are equivalent to DSL and cable internet. Satellite internet provides speeds up to a full 50 times faster that of dial up. In fact, satellite broadband makes dial up look like a relic of the ancient fast.

Dial up is no longer the only choice for an internet connection. It does not matter where you live. You could live in the thickest jungles or in the most remote mountain regions and you could still get connected with a satellite internet hookup. Do not miss out. Switch to satellite internet today. Dial up is the ancient history.

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